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  • James Rawlings

    James Rawlings

    I work on http://jenkins-x.io/ next gen CI/CD platform for Kubernetes

  • Rodolfo de Paula

    Rodolfo de Paula

    Never mind. Or plug your own function to make your own judgment.

  • Luca Bonesini

    Luca Bonesini

    Whole Lotta Nerd

  • Gabe Lincoln

    Gabe Lincoln

    Blockchain Gamer since January 2019

  • Enes GENÇ

    Enes GENÇ

    Senior Software Developers

  • Benjamin Cabé

    Benjamin Cabé

    Evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation | Eclipse IoT Working Group chair | Tweets about #M2M, #IoT and #coolstuff

  • Ricardo Gladwell

    Ricardo Gladwell

    Java/Android consultant and free software/open source advocate. Author of the m2e-android tool.

  • Daniel de Segovia Gross

    Daniel de Segovia Gross

    Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Hubrix

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